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Minimal interface

Minimal interface Create your personal diary for your blood pressure: it has never been so easy and fast.

Find out whether it is high, acceptable or normal in a single-sight.


Essential The clear and essential interface makes a straordinary user experience.
Stop surfing among bunches of useless and heavy functions that you will never use.
Start using less but powerful features, tailored on your needs.

Welcome to a new experience.


Clear If you are a number lover, you will find yourself at home.
If you are not, surf among nice and colorful charts and graphics, discover a new side.
A green side.

Make your health green, make it today.


Simple Enjoy the simplicity and the speed of the new circular interface. You need two taps and your pressure is ready to be logged.

Want more?
Add your pulse and some note, to make you log even more precise.
Well...that's impossible indeed.


From today you will not need to show your pressure journals to your doctor anymore.
Share with him or her your temporary codes and let your doctor get access to your logs, risk statistics, graphics and many other clinical information will make you more healthy and aware.



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It is and always will be free.

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