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Easy access

Easy access Don't bother to type hard password or hard codes. Open at, scan the QR Code, and dive into your personal area.

Guided interface

Guided interface It's hard to get lost into the interface menĂ¹. But if you are worried about that, just read a couple of lines before to start

Commented charts

Commented charts Many charts could look tricky to read or to interprest. If they look so, just open the comment right below each chart and read what it means and rapresents.

Deep statistics

Deep statistics Along with the charts, some interesting statistic come. They can give you hide sights, show yuu something you (still) didn't realize.

Colorful Charts

Colorful piecharts to make charts more clear, nice to be seen and funny.

Colorful Charts

Split your day

Split your day Analyze your pressure per part of the day, because each part of it is unique and needs particular attention.

Explore the Interface

Just head your browser to