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Essential All the info you need in one screen.

Find out whether you like your weight loss trend, the new diet is working or not in a single-sight.

Minimal interface

Minimal interface The clear interface makes a straordinary user experience.
Lots of information in a single screen, to manage your circumferences and being ready for the incoming summer or anything you would like.

Cloud system

Cloud system From today you will not need to show your journals to your dietist or personal trainer anymore.
Share with him or her your temporary codes and let her or him get access to your logs, graphics and many other information will make you more healthy and aware.

Simple interface

Simple interface Enjoy the simplicity and the speed of simple interface. You need to enter your weight, two taps and your new weight loss is ready to be logged.

Even simpler

Even simpler Want more?
Add your circumference and some note, to make you log even more precise.
Well...that's impossible indeed.

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